The interactive heart was made for the ROODshow of Janneke Wittekoek and was eventually exposed on TEDxMaastricht. During the lecture of Janneke Wittekoek the heart was admirable. It served as a speech table for her show which needed to look representative.

A second heart was also made which could be viewed by the audience before and after the show. Once a user would come closer to the heart, it would start beating harder and more frequent.

In the center of the heart a “endless mirror” was installed. It looks like it would continue forever, but in fact it’s only a couple of inches thick. This gives the heart a more symbolic appeal.

The heart was produced by: Next Chapter, in cooperation with TTT almere

Interactive heart – Making of from Tibor Dujmovic on Vimeo.

  • Project type: Installation
  • Skills: Design, Styling, Prototype
  • Customer: TTT almere
  • Year: 2011