“Wat de pot schaft” is an app which was developed during a graduation period where students where able to define and build there own project. With the app, users can store leftovers digitally and put them in the app environment together with other users. Based on the user input, they can come in contact with other users with matching food and are able to make an appointment to cook and eat together.

“ With this product we want users to come together to cook, therefor wasting less food and money. “

Mirte Becker, Kenneth Nelson.

“Wat de pot schaft” app trailer from Tibor Dujmovic on Vimeo.

Wat de pot schaft – Usability testing from Tibor Dujmovic on Vimeo.

  • Project type: Application
  • Skills: Design, wireframe, usability Tests, mockups, user-research, personas
  • Customer: School (Exam)
  • Year: 2012